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What Our Clients Say

Your classes have been very helpful in my situation.. and I had no problem getting them accepted by my probation officer
~Sandra, Ohio

I have to say that I registered for your class because I was looking for an easy way out of having to go to a local class. I had been to one before and obviously didnt learn anything because 10 years later it happened again. Your class has been an eye opener for me.
~ Ken, Michigan

I just wanted to say that I have learned alot from your classes, and that having an actual instructor to talk to when needed was very helpful
~Joey, Texas

Being able to work my classes around my schedule has been a blessing. I had no way of getting to the classes because of not having a license and this was the only way that I could meet my court requirements and get my license back.
~Kim, New York

Wonderful Idea!, Very helpful Staff... what can I say it is all that you promised.
~Andrew, North Dakota

I had a DUI in another state, and my state did not offer an equivalent class to what I was being required to take.... THANK YOU for making my life much easier!
~Kane, Michigan

Accepted... No Problems... Thanks
~Steve, Minnesota

I was referred to your classes by my PO who had personally tested your program. I have to say the classes were informative and your staff was very helpful!
~Terry, Florida

I admit I made a mistake driving when I shouldnt have, but then for a state to make it so hard to find a class that will work with my schedule was crazy... thanks for restoring some sanity to the situation.
~Bonnie, Georgia

With the help of my Attorney I was able to get preapproved by the court for your class and get my license back... THANK YOU
~Todd, California

I am not very good with the computer and all, but your class format made it very easy to complete my 20 hour class requirements and get my license back. Thanks!
~Sara, Wisconsin

I wasnt sure about using an online class for my court requirements, as I thought it might be just a fake class, but what I found was alot of useful information and I actually learned something!!!
~Kym, Hawaii

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you... its all I can say
~Reese, Alabama

Throughout this entire process of my having a dui, I have to say this was the only place that treated me with respect and treated me as a person instead of an offender. Its embarrasing enough to have had the dui in the first place, but everyone treated me so badly from the courts to the dmv.... Thank you for allowing me to keep my dignity!
~Brett, Idaho