DUI Classes designed to meet the requirements of the Courts, Probation, DMV, Education, Insurance Companies and Employers.

Our Agency is the largest provider of online DUI Classes. Our Classes have been used by THOUSANDS of satisfied individuals nationwide to meet their legal requirements since 2005. We are a Licensed DUI Services Provider using only fully credentialed and licensed Counselors and Instructors.

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DUI Classes - Level I & Level II   California DUI

Take this class if you were charged with a DUI / DWI / OWI or any other operating under the influence arrest. We offer classes from 8 - 78 Hours. (Hearing impaired option).

This class meets the Court requirements for those persons who receive a DUI in California that reside and hold a license in another state. (Hearing impaired option).

8 Hour $129 Register Wet Reckless (SB 1176) $155 Register
10 Hour $139 Register 3 Month 1st Offender(AB 541) $480 Register
12 Hour $149 Register 6 Month 1st Offender (AB 762) $675 Register
14 Hour $179 Register 9 Month (AB 1353) $900 Register
16 Hour $199 Register 18 Month (SB 38) $1170 Register
20 Hour $229 Register    
21 Hour $249 Register      
22 Hour $259 Register  
24 Hour $269 Register  
32 Hour $279 Register Alcohol Drug Classes
36 Hour $299 Register This class is for persons who have been charged with Possession of controlled substance or open intoxicants, Public drunkeness or any offense involving alcohol / drugs that Is not related to driving under the influence. These classes can also be used as "Alcohol/Drug Awareness Education", required by many Employers We offer classes from 8 - 24 hours. (Hearing impaired option).
40 Hour $329 Register
45 Hour $369 Register
48 Hour $399 Register
52 Hour $439 Register 8 Hour $129 Register
54 Hour $459 Register 12 Hour $149 Register
56 Hour $479 Register 16 Hour $199 Register
60 Hour $499 Register 20 Hour $229 Register
66 Hour $599 Register 24 Hour $269 Register
72 Hour $859 Register    
78 Hour $999 Register    
2ND Offender DUI Classes MIP Classes
This program meets the requirements of a second driving under the influence conviction charge within 10 years of a prior violation. If you have more than 2 offenses contact us,  for a review of your situation. (Hearing impaired option) This class is for those persons under the age of 21 that Have been charged with consumption of alcohol or Possession of a controlled substance. Not for driving Under the influence. we offer classes from 8 - 24 hours. (Hearing impaired option).
20 Hr 2nd Offender $499 Register 6 Hour $110 Register
32 Hr 2nd Offender $699 Register 8 Hour $129 Register
12 Mo 2nd Offender $1099 Register 12 Hour $149 Register
18 Mo 2nd Offender $1299 Register 16 Hour $199 Register
    24 Hour $269 Register
Victim Impact Class Relapse Prevention Classes

This program encourages the development of awareness of victims by demonstrating the damaging effects DUI has on communities, provides offenders the opportunity to examine their own actions, and includes alternatives to risky behavior. (Hearing impaired options).

This class is for those with a history of drug or alcohol abu that are either Court ordered or would like to take a class for personal reasons. This class will help you to set a plan to prevent a relapse.

VIP $49 Register 8 Hour $129 Register
  12 Hour $149 Register
  16 Hour $199 Register


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