Yes, we are licensed as a DUI Service Provider. All Instructors and Counselors providing services thru are fully credentialed as well.

Although our program offers a money back guarantee (see terms) it is your responsibility to determine whether our classes will fulfill your requirements. This is a distance-learning meant for educational purposes only. Some courts and DMVs do not accept online programs. Check the state of your offense here.

No, we do not automatically contact anyone unless you specifically request it and sign a consent for the release of confidential information. These forms can be downloaded here.

If you have had an evaluation the number of hours is indicated on your evaluation summary. If you have not had an evaluation you can check the hours here. Please note that we do not set the number of hours required, each state has its own minimum number of hours that they require to satisfy an offense. This can vary due to BAC level, and number of offenses. Also if your offense was in a different state that where you reside, you will be better served by taking the hours for the State with the highest requirements. Meaning if the hours of your state of residence are higher than what the state of offense is requiring it is better to take the hours that are required by your state of residence.

Yes during the payment process you will be given the option of paying in full or using a payment plan.

Once you enroll in a class, simply log into your class section click on the link in the upper left side of the screen to view your profile. From your profile you can print your proof of enrollment.

The certificate is yours to make copies of as needed.

Yes. Normally, we email you the certificate of completion. However, if your state requires us to send a certificate directly to the agency, we are happy to send the certificate to the state agency or person you have identified. You must provide a release, and the address or fax number for the document to be sent to. Additional costs are incurred if we are required to overnight a certificate. Please note that we cannot file electronically with the state of CA as we are not located in CA. There is a $40 Additional Fee for Overnighting a Certificate Regular mail or faxing is free.

Once you have completed your class, and the DUI Instructor has approved your work, then you can log into your class section click on the link in the upper left side of the screen to view your profile. From your profile you can print your certificate of completion which will bear the instructors signature.

Each class has its own timeframe to be completed as follows:
8, 10, 12 Hour & VIP Classes- 30 Days to Complete
14, 16, 18 Hour Classes – 40 Days to complete
20, 21, 22 Hour Classes – 50 days to complete
24 Hour Class – 60 Days to complete
32, 40, 48 Hour Classes – 90 Days to complete
12 Hour Non Resident California Wet Reckless (30 Days)
32 Hour Non Resident California 3 Month Class (90 Days)
45 Hour Non Resident California 6 Month Class (180 Days)
60 Hour Non Resident California 9 Month Class (270 Days)
78 Hour Non Resident California 18 Month Class (540 Days)

(Completion means reviewed, passed and certificate issued)

Your session is completely private and secure. The software we use, uses built-in, always-on security measures to protect user privacy and access to data and computers.

Fax or mail us a copy of the rejection letter from the authority that you submited the certificate of completion to. Please seeterms and conditions page for the refund process.

This means that we do not disclose any information about you to anyone outside of our Center (including spouse, attorney, probation or court) without a signed release of information or except under the specific circumstances required by law.

All classes are run by our company Right Direction Services LLC and its certified DUI Instructors. However should a clients needs not be met by our class hours, we reserve the option to refer the client to an affiliated agency for classes, treatment or additional class hours.

Currently we offer online DUI Education Classes only, iIf you require outpatient or inpatient treatment at a Treatment Center, we can refer you to a Treatment Provider that meets your needs.

Yes, If you are a Judge, DMV/DOT Representative, Probation Officer, or Employer please contact us and we will provide you access to view the class content. Please note that you will need to have a signed release of information from your client. These forms can be downloaded here.

No, these you must have done locally and are not part of the evaluation. If you are being requested to do one of these in addition to your evaluation you will need to submit these results separately to the requiring authority.

If you have forms that need to be filled out or signed by one of our Instructors or if you have a referral letter stating what is needed from your Instructor please fax a copy of these forms to (815) 839-7278. Additional Fees That May Apply: Special State forms start at $35 depending on complexity Notarization Fee is $25 Express Shipping $40 (overnight via UPS or FEDX)

The cost of the class depends on the number of hours that the state of your offense requires you to take. You can view the general hours required here.

Fees are payable by Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, Debit Card, PayPal, Western Union, cashier’s check, or money order.

Depending on your individual situation, the following additional fees may apply: Some States require additional forms to be completed by the agency providing the services. Please note: We do not have access to forms required by States other than Illinois. If your state requires an additional form to be completed you must obtain it yourself and provide it to our agency. Special State forms start at $35 – $85 depending on complexity
Notarization Fee is $25
Express Shipping $40 (overnight via UPS or FEDX)
Rush Evaluation Fee – we can do a same day evaluation.
Rush Class Review Fee – we can do a same rush review.
Missed Appointments $60 (if cancelled within 24 hours of appointment)
Extension Fee – if you do not finish your classes in the required time frame, you are allowed an extension. See Extension Here.